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I'm a happy, organic farmer doing my best to heal the land one pork chop at a time.

I love to eat a places that use good organic, local food. Who cares if it's local if it's packed with GMO's, taste's lousy, or was raised in a barn? As you can imagine, I don't eat out much.

I love cooking too, but prefer to make things like homemade mayo, salsa, butter, cheese, yogurt, stock and so on rather than cooking actual meals. I also think I love reading about and looking at food as much as I love eating it.

My husband and I run Funny Duck Farms, a small, diverse, certified organic farm practicing sustainable agriculture. Our animals are all raised on pasture. This makes meal times WAY better in our house, which is good because the pay sucks!

We also do not use soybeans in any of our animal feeds. Fermented soy is great (natto, miso, tamari, etc), but roasted soybeans are toxic to animals and to us. If I won't feed it to my kids, I won't feed it to my animals.

After the animals, my next love is herbs. I love to create handpicked herbal teas, spice rubs, and all sorts of skin care products that are natural enough to eat. We also grow lots of our own fruits and veggies, not quite enough to last all winter, but pretty close sometimes. We have also expanded our farm to grow our own livestock feed and hay.

We spent many years at the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market and running a Whole Farm CSA, but we began home delivery using our online Farm Pantry in 2015.
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2014 Mar 10
I thought the number inside the heart was a great idea. Thanks! :-)

2013 Dec 28
Hello and Happy Holidays Organic Girl,

I have been reading/a member of OF for years now so today when a friend lamented that she's afraid she won't be able to keep her loved golden labrador because of her new work schedule and added "he'd be a great herder on a farm", I thought right away "I wonder if Organic Girl knows a farmer that would like him'.

Like many on here I think, when someone says farmer...or heritage hog :), I think of you.

Mason is a super sweet, healthy, fit 1 year old golden labrador...reeeally friendly, loves being around people and animals. He's affectionate, handsome, helpful and would win anyone over. And I also think he would make a great herder.

If you have a full house, wondering if you might know another farmer who would be interested? Valerie could send details.

This is outside of what this forum is about but, again, I thought of you right away so had to follow through.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays, Andrea
amrecht (at) sympatico (dot) ca