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To clear up potential confusion, I should mention that I've changed my screen name here from Fresh Foodie to warby to align with my identity in other social media. And after 10 successful years of OttawaFoodies, the "Fresh" bit seemed somehow less appropriate. ;-)

When I moved to Ottawa at the age of 22 I was pleased to find a decent selection of restaurants. In the years since, the overall quality has improved remarkably. Even better, the food choices and ingredients in our grocery stores and markets are continually getting closer to that of a truly metropolitan city. Tracking the availability of hard-to-find foods has always been a hobby of mine and until I created Ottawa Foodies there was no good way to share it.

You can find me on Twitter as @warby and on Instagram as @warby_ottawafoodies.

Ancient history:

I was born in Victoria into a family that loves food. My mom is Swiss and has worked hard in the kitchen ever since her kids were born. My dad is English and loves to eat (and he helps with the dishes). I grew up sitting next to the stove and watching Mom's every move as she concocted wonderful feasts. Much of our fare was prepared from scratch: home-baked bread, soups, pies, jams, kefir, birchermuesli, a dozen kinds of cookies at Christmas. We had apples, pears, walnuts, raspberries and plenty of vegetables in our garden. We picked blackberries in the countryside and went shrimping in the Pacific. There was always plenty of Swiss chocolate and cheese around too. But I was not always open-minded about food: when Mom made nasi goreng for us, we kids screwed up our faces and nicknamed it "nauseous gangrene." ;-)

In my professional life I'm a code monkey. For more info you can snoop at my resume: markwarburton.com

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2015 Sep 4
thanks for the pho thu do rec! their pho bo was very good-- won't need to bounce around between too many pho places if they can reliably offer the bowl i had. i'll have to get out to kanata one day to give the other place a shot. much appreciated

2015 Jul 21
What's your go-to for pho around Chinatown?

2014 Aug 7
Thanks for the timely review of Dumpling Bowl. I am thinking of bringing my visiting siblings there tomorrow. It looks good!

Just read your ancient history. I lived in Victoria for a couple of years while studying at UVic. Lots of great memories.

2014 Jul 18
Fresh Foodie Thanks for posting your recent reviews and lovely food porn especially of the Lowertown Brewery and Cylie Chocolates (how could I have missed that place?!?). You are now making me hungry - and I just had lunch-;) I clearly have alot of eating to do...

2014 Jan 17
Was posting my blog on this site bad form? Please let me know and I'll remove. Don't want to be one of "those guys".

2014 Jan 10
I decided to migrate my incessant cocktail postings on Instagram to a Wordpress blog:


Only 1 post so far, but more to follow soon. Let me know what you think!

2013 Dec 19
Hey there,

So, I got a case of 12 375 mL bottles of Antica Formula for $18.95/bottle, i.e. $227.40. Shipping was $15. 1 L bottles are $50...

2012 Nov 26
Kind words...I'll try to keep up some good cooking related posts with the return of winter weather and more luxurious eating!

2012 Sep 30
great reviews! benji's and corazon are definitely on my list of places to try :) thanks!

2012 Sep 18

Is there any way to get new posts to the forum automatically? I get the restaurant reviews automatically, but if I want to read the forum I have to go there. Not that it's a big deal, but of it is possible to get them automatically, I would appreciate knowing how to set this up.

Thanks. Love the site.