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Food is far more than essential. It is a wonderful enhancement for life, a meeting of toil and craft, with a generous amount of art.

Besides providing beauty, pleasure, and satisfaction, food is a core element of society, a glue for community. With how many true friends have you never shared a meal? It captures the attention of the senses, and preoccupies the mind, changing behaviours and defining culture.

Food drives economies, revealing the source and limits of sustainability. Food presents something elemental and unavoidably ethical: is this good? Is this good for me? For us? Food is where humankind must consider its connection to the world, where no individual can avoid taking in something from outside themselves.

Needless to say, I love food. I enjoy consuming it, and also to prepare it, though I have much more to learn than I already know. and much more enjoyable consumption to share with fellow foodies. Who wouldn't look forward to that?

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