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Mmmmm, food

When I was a kid I was an extremely fussy eater. My mom used to go crazy with me, not to mention the other moms in the neighbourhood whenever I'd be over for supper at a friend's place. They'd always call my mom up in a panic not sure what I'd eat. I'd eat pancakes, but only if they were crispy. Lipton Chicken Noodle soup from the package, but even then I'd strain out the noodles and eat them on buttered crackers and leave the broth behind. Boiled hotdogs starting at about 10. But only boiled and with mustard. There is the famous story in our family about the thanksgiving dinner when my dad ran out to buy me Fruit Loops (something I wasn't normally allowed to have) because there was nothing else on the table I'd eat. And the time we went to KFC and I was saying beforehand "Kentucky Fried Chicken - Yum, Yum" and then ended up just eating packages of ketchup and nothing else.

In high school I started eating a few more things - like tacos. Every day tacos. That was some 25 years ago and my brother's wife still curses me to this day because my brother got so sick of looking at and smelling tacos every day that he still cannot eat them. I kid you not.

Then when I went to university I made a big decision. There was all this food at the meal hall, and I decided to try it. All of it. Not all at once of course, but eventually I would try everything they had and I was to discover that WOW! I like it all!

Nowadays my story is this : I'll eat anything once. And so far the only thing I've tried that I don't really like and don't want to have again is lima beans (even though I have had them a few times). Raw tomatoes used to be a 2nd one that I didn't like that much, but I've since overcome that one and actually enjoy them for the most part.

So bring it on! I'll eat it!

I have two main websites - one about beer and brewing. Everything you ever wanted to know about beer, and then some : www.bodensatz.com . Another www.urbanhippy.ca is a blog where I discuss social issues - my main one being food security, and the over-corporitisation of our food chain. In doing so, I also do an awful lot of cooking and share an awful lot of recipes - most of them involving local food from local farmers.

DISCLAIMER : I own 1950 shares of Brick Brewing but I try not to let it bias me. I bought it on principle of supporting a small craft brewer, and not to make money. Evidenced by the fact that it is currently down about 50% from when I bought it around spring 2006. So I just bought more :-)

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2014 Apr 12
Thanks for your posts about making sauerkraut. I'm thinking of trying to make my own soon and I found your tips very helpful.

2013 Jan 10

Do you still have kefir grains?

2012 Dec 3
Thanks -- he lives in Stittsville. Thanks for the idea. I will do some googling.

2012 Dec 2
What's the closest one to his house? That would honestly be the best place to start. Make a list from there and see what you come up with. There are a number of good shops around.

2012 Dec 2
Hi Zym,
Your advice is needed.
I'd like to buy my dad a gift certificate to a butchery in Ottawa. He loves good roasts and steaks. Where should I go?
Thanks, Jess

2011 Aug 10
If you mean Romas, I have not even seen them yet in bushels though I have not been there in 4 or 5 days now.

2011 Aug 10
Hey Zym, next time you are at the Parkdale Market, would you mind inquiring about the going price for bushels of tomato?

2011 Mar 5
I saw your comment in Bytown Beanery about linking to another vendor (presumably to Moka Loka). I'm the only one who can do that kind of linking, but since you were the creator of the Moka Loka entry AND I hadn't yet approved it, you would still have been able to edit that one and rename it to Bytown Beanery. That's just for future reference... For now, I just executed your deletion of Moka Loka and approved Bytown Beanery.

I'm enjoying a cup of home roast as I write this. Good luck with this endeavour! :-)

2011 Feb 11
I'm very much enjoying your posts about becoming a butcher. Very interesting!

2011 Jan 15
Ha ha, whoops :-)