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I have been logging onto this site for a while and I really enjoy the comments, threads and information on all sorts of topics.
Thanks FF for the site.

I have always enjoyed cooking, clipping, and reading new recipes.

Am seduced by a recipe that uses descriptiive words like "reduction, caramelized, slow roasted, and complex flavours".

My sisters and I have a pasta day a couple of times a year and we make raviolis and sauces for about 20 of us.
The first year we watched videos of Biba.
It is a lot of fun.

Love making jams and jellies during the fruit season, but am kind of snobby if someone uses store bought pectin feeling that my jellies have more flavour, less sugar.

Have recently been trying different recipes for artisinal breads. Tasty but results vary.

I think? I could spend hours in kitchen /restaurant outlets.
I am retired and attended part time classes at Algonquin in the Culinary Arts program.
That was fun.

My husband and I love to entertain and like to try a new cooking method, or theme over the summer.

We don't go out to dinner often so like reading the comments for restaurants,
although sometimes you just have to take a chance.

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2010 Oct 26
Thanks but sadly it is looking like I may have to be out of town and will miss it. If you're going to be in the Byward Market area (our neighbours' backyard is Domus) we can make alternate arrangements to meet and/or for me to leave a bag of leaves in the mailbox. Your call.