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I have a husband, a career and no kids. I like eating dinner at 7pm or later. I am a Scorpio through and through and I bite my nails. I enjoy stiff drinks and big, bold red wine. I'm impatient, generous, and a loyal friend. I appreciate the arts and great food. My family is tight. I like it like that.

I am a foodie. This didn't happen overnight. I have always been like this. Many of my fondest memories are linked to the tastes and smells of food, special meals, and time spent with family (which always involves something yummy). I come from a long line of good cooks and do my best to carry their torch.

I enjoy celebrity chefs along with the undiscovered newbies. My favourite Food Network stars include Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Martin Picard, and Marco Pierre White. I'll watch Jamie Oliver in a pinch but I tend to avoid Rachel Ray (irritating), Giada De Laurentiis (irritating), and Bobby Flay (irritating).

Likes (beware, I'm a salt-head): cured ham, salami, capers, olives, squeaky cheese curds, very lightly dressed salads, fresh seafood, well-marbled rib steak (rare), roasted beets, baguette and salted butter, microgreens and sprouts, fresh fruit (any kind), crème brulé, pickled turnip, my mother's roast beef, homemade banana bread and peach cobbler...

Dislikes: preservatives (they taste bad), store-bought salad dressing, anything breaded, marmelade, over-cooked vegetables, grapes with seeds, bland cheese, anything with the word "mock" in it, Doritos (or anything with fake / simulated nacho cheese flavour), green onion and raw carrots...

Thumbs up:

Atelier (Ottawa) - 2009
Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal) - 2009
Le Chien Noir (Kingston) - 2008
Navarra (Ottawa) - 2009
Wakefield Mill (Wakefield) - 2007 and 2008

Still wanna go:

Les Fougères (Chelsea)
L'Orée du Bois (Chelsea)

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2009 Jul 17
I have been to PDC as well, here is my review, might make you laugh!

I really like Les Fougeres, signature dish is canard confit.

Just recently went to Atelier!...Words cannot express the experience. You HAVE to go.