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Love trying new food...attempt to always try a new place any time we go out....Always try to have my camera (whee food porn)....love cooking without a recipe and creating things I've tried in the restos at home.

Alas Ottawa isn't a foodie paradise, but we might as well share the gemstones that are out there right?

My Flickr account for more food porn and other pix:


I never claim to be an epicurean or formally trained in food appreciation. Serve me with a smile, feed me well and I'll be pretty happy.

*2009 Edit*
I've moved to Vancouver since the last time I checked into here. I've resigned to creeping a little bit in the background and keeping in touch with the Ottawa food scene. Happy eating Ottawa :) *

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2007 Sep 23
no takoyaki either :P

i have to get my fix when i'm in markham

2007 Sep 22
Unfortunately it's just a photo from Google images to show people what it looks like!

I still haven't looked too hard, but if they're anywhere it's somewhere along Summerset.

If you have any leads, be sure to let me know :)

2007 Jan 16
Really enjoyed your flickr pics. You've got a great eye for photography. And your pork looks scrumptious!

2007 Jan 9
Which Pizza Pizza location? Did you complain to their head office about your stomach poisoning after eating their wings and pizza?