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"Truffles smell like a bed after sex".

I've always loved good food - but my passion for it really started to flourish back in 1997, culminating that summer with a 10-day guy's trip to Tuscany's best tables. And living 6 months in France back in 2001 just added to the madness.

We live european style: my spouse and I have a quasi-empty fridge and enjoy walking to the Glebe Nicastro's, Loeb or Meat Market every evening to pick up whatever we need for that evening's dinner. Aaaaaah! we only wish for a seafood store in the neighborhood!

And after writing a great letter about my love of food and cooking, she got me on a taping of Slice's "The List" in Toronto where I enjoyed cooking at "Flow" with Chef Richard... See the segment here: . The experience was provided, courtesy of "Into The Kitchen" (