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I did some stints working in fine dining establishments during my college days and got bitten by the bug. Cooking (and eating of course) are a passion for me now... but as a hobby. I take courses at Cordon Bleu from time to time to broaden my horizon and like to try my hand at replicating dishes I've enjoyed from around the world from Beijing Duck to Gallo Pinto to artisan bread baking. Ottawa is a great place to live and has so much to offer in terms of restaurants and access to ingredients. We are so lucky here.

I discovered that I have an allergy to gluten a couple years back and have had to learn to modify what I cook and eat to comply. Local restaurants have become quite accommodating of late in providing alternatives, and in some cases, gluten-free menus. I am always interested in swapping recipes and war stories with others in the gluten-free arena.

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2010 Dec 1
LOL- Love the picture!

2008 Oct 11
Just in case you haven't found it yet, I should point out that we have a "Celiac-friendly" tag for vendors who can accommodate requests for gluten-free meals:

Cheers and welcome to the site!