Helvetica Bold
Name: Veronica Michelle

active 2012 Apr 30 · joined 2008 Jul 16 · 25 votes cast

Vegetarian with vegan rising
hates cauliflower
isn't afraid to cook with meat for others
mastermind behind the Gypsy and Co Kitchen
former Hintonburger grillmaster
heavy Maritime and Quebecois influence
has lived in Halifax, Montreal, and Ottawa.
sometimes goes to Shwartz Delicatessen just for the pickles
thinks that life began with a roux

Allergic or intolerant to kiwis, eggs, kalamata olives, and milk products, but eats them anyway.

When I was a kid, you couldn't put fresh bread near me without it ending up fingered at and munched on.

As an adult, I use a bread knife instead of my fingers, but I still can't resist.

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