Gourmet Kitties

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Hi! We're Yaz and Chris, hosts of CKCU FM's Digestive Tracks. We do a regular weekly food review on our show every Wednesday, and therefore, this site is perfect for us! As the helpful f.a.q. says, we're "foodies" and not snobby gourmets (although I suppose they're useful in their own respects.) Our past features have included a "Pho Down", and the "Cheap Eats Compendium".

We are very much looking forward to bringing our obsessions to this interesting little community. If you'd like to hear our weekly food reviews on our show (along with some groovy music, cool commentary and chit chat about adoptable animals from the Ottawa Humane Society) please tune into CKCU at 93.1 on your FM Dial. We're on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. You can also listen online at www.ckcufm.com

Happy Hunting!