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Love food...know food...share food.
I celebrate all things food. I also enjoy the advertising / marketing taht goes hand in hand with restos & foods.
My work takes me back & forth between TO-OTT-MTL...I have also managed to find some great foodies experiences abroad: got time? EAT FOOD (splash a little wine in there as well).

I find myself looking for all those hidden gems and chasing down the next great resto experience! MTL has certainly spoiled me....but there is always another dish, and another find just around the corner!

"Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live."

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2006 Dec 7
My comment on the forum page was written before checking my messages. Sorry if I come across as a smartass, my comment wasn't meant that way.

2006 Dec 1
I'm glad you take my comments as a compliment. However, based on the fact that all of your comments on this site (forum included) centre on ONE restaurant, I really have to keep that firmly in mind while reading your posts.