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 "Admin fee" in lieu of tipping  General 142014 Nov 27zymurgist
 Juniper  General 142014 Nov 27felinefan
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 Epic VeggieDucken !  General 02014 Nov 24Francis
 looking for flat "stacker" marshmallows  General 72014 Nov 24ToeKnee
 Bar Rescue (on Netflix)  General 32014 Nov 21strawberrygirl
 Parking at Lansdowne  General 22014 Nov 21felinefan
 Dry Ice in Ottawa/Gatineau  General 62014 Nov 19Rizak
 Kitchenaid Stand Mixer  General 32014 Nov 18Thiberius
 home ec  General 72014 Nov 18warby
 What makes for a good location?  General 52014 Nov 17flexie
 2014 Food Trucks  General 442014 Nov 17AD_2
 Soylent  General 162014 Nov 16Francis
 Richmond Bakery closed!!  General 72014 Nov 16Inkling
 Ottawa's Food Scene  General 42014 Nov 13Tree Pug
 hey!  General 152014 Nov 12Francis
 Behmor Coffee Roaster Upgrade Group Buy  General 02014 Nov 11zymurgist
 FS: Sansaire Sous Vide Cooker  General 22014 Nov 10Francis
 Is this mushroom edible?  General 82014 Nov 10Chimichimi
 Resto Jobs  General 142014 Nov 8Captain Caper
 Food Sensitivity Mobile App  General 12014 Nov 7lovealwayserica
 Paleo Diet  General 142014 Nov 7Qster
 Cookware  General 162014 Nov 6Andy
 Artisanal ice cubes + $1  General 62014 Nov 5The Paternal Drunk
 Recommends: SanFran, Berkeley, Monterey and Santa Barbara  General 42014 Nov 3Hungry Pete
 Foodies fooled!  General 62014 Nov 3OSoloMeal