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 Cheap Sous Vide Revisited  General 192013 Oct 31Stuart S
 Backyard wood ovens  General 112013 Oct 29Andy
 new cooking technology  General 02013 Oct 29blubarry
 Coffee grinder  General 82013 Oct 28zymurgist
 Espresso Grinder  General 102013 Oct 28zymurgist
 Favourite Thanksgiving dish?  General 172013 Oct 28Stuart S
 Thinking of owning a small café/shop beside the Rideau?  General 12013 Oct 26AMR
 Need. Espresso. Machine. BADLY.  General 362013 Oct 24Marie-France
 DT Catering  General 22013 Oct 244brrlcarb
 Reser's recall  General 02013 Oct 24Bobby Fillet
 Year Round Full Diet CSA  General 02013 Oct 24HeritageHarvest Farm
 Prague Sausage  General 82013 Oct 24Tree Pug
 Walnut vinegar  General 22013 Oct 23ToeKnee
 the localvores' thread  General 852013 Oct 22Dexter Girl
 What can I do with a pressure fryer?  General 02013 Oct 19Francis
 coffee experiments  General 72013 Oct 19Francis
 Byward Market Oktoberfest  General 22013 Oct 18Tree Pug
 Halloween 2013  General 72013 Oct 18Eastcoast.chef
 Simple recipes for a crowd  General 102013 Oct 16Mysterya
 Vegan Sugar  General 72013 Oct 16Stuart S
 Seasonal Menus  General 82013 Oct 15Lucky13
 Food Lethargy  General 62013 Oct 10Rizak
 tylose powder  General 12013 Oct 10Momomoto
 Fried Calamari  General 22013 Oct 10Momomoto
 Organic/free-range turkeys still available?  General 62013 Oct 10Bobby Fillet
 Thai in Kanata  General 72013 Oct 8AD_2
 Handpresso--anyone tried one?  General 62013 Oct 7refashionista
 Ribtoberfest  General 92013 Oct 6FoodTravel
 cornbread  General 22013 Oct 6LuLux
 Wholesale Grapes  General 12013 Oct 5krusty
 Rose oil  General 42013 Oct 5Captain Caper
 Looking for non-hydrogenated palm shortening!  General 82013 Oct 1LF