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 substitute maple syrup for brown sugar?  General 92009 Oct 31Francis
 Help with Christmas gathering  General 92009 Oct 31monkey feet
 Pulled Pork Sandwiches  General 122009 Oct 30Ken V
 What happened to Luke's Spicy Take-Out?  General 72009 Oct 30flandroid
 recipe needed: steamed green onion buns  General 12009 Oct 30schtickyrice
 Looking for Maille Cornichon  General 42009 Oct 29mark_ottawa
 Looking for Mariage Frères  General 92009 Oct 29Icecream
 Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa and the NYT  General 42009 Oct 29Icecream
 Ott. Mag Top 10  General 192009 Oct 29Pasta lover
 Curry leaves and bay laurel  General 52009 Oct 27Andy
 Source for quinces in Ottawa?  General 02009 Oct 27Diane
 using fresh milled flour  General 162009 Oct 27hipfunkyfun
 Foodie Friendly Politicians  General 22009 Oct 26lady who brunches
 Nutritional Yeast  General 262009 Oct 26Francis
 making my own shredded wheat  General 12009 Oct 25zymurgist
 Quick! Please help: Good place for a Saturday afternoon meal!  General 52009 Oct 25zymurgist
 big turkey  General 42009 Oct 24mark_ottawa
 mark bittman cookbooks - thoughts?  General 52009 Oct 22hungry hungry hippo
 Baker Street Take Out?  General 02009 Oct 20Twinkie
 I tried yellow fleshed watermelon!  General 22009 Oct 19Francis
 Chinese food recipe at T&T website  General 112009 Oct 19Derek
 Loblaws buys T&T Supermarket  General 162009 Oct 18Food&Think
 St. John's, Newfoundland  General 32009 Oct 18From Da Rock
 Looking for Pince à tarte  General 102009 Oct 17Sugar sugar
 1.5 litre mason jars  General 102009 Oct 17zymurgist
 Lasagna!  General 82009 Oct 17Ken V
 anyone know where I can buy maltose ?  General 02009 Oct 16Francis
 365 National Days of [Food]  General 22009 Oct 16Umamiman
 New York  General 442009 Oct 16Omnivore
 Ontario Microbrews in Hintonburg?  General 52009 Oct 14zymurgist
 the fanciest Lunch in town  General 82009 Oct 13Mers
 Grocery Store Wars  General 02009 Oct 13zymurgist
 Organic chicken breasts in bulk for reasonable price?  General 22009 Oct 12Mers
 gochujang aka kochujang  General 62009 Oct 11chef Obi
 Food Music Giveaway  General 12009 Oct 10Nooschi
 Chinese wedding banquet  General 152009 Oct 10Food&Think
 Where to check gauges for pressure canner?  General 02009 Oct 9TL42
 All Things Cheese  General 72009 Oct 9Pasta lover
 Di Rienzos in Little Italy  General 22009 Oct 8zymurgist
 Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup  General 32009 Oct 7Mousseline
 Looking for a restaurant  General 62009 Oct 6mr. red
 BOTULISM  General 122009 Oct 6zymurgist
 Preparing Perfect Pumpkin  General 22009 Oct 6Poutine
 Wine tasting night- revisited?  General 102009 Oct 6sourdough
 big turkey  General 22009 Oct 5Sugar sugar
 Broccoli Stalk  General 212009 Oct 4zymurgist
 Rabo de toro or braising w/o adding liquid  General 22009 Oct 4Momomoto
 frogpond farm winery  General 22009 Oct 3Food&Think
 High speed blender with food processing unit  General 72009 Oct 2zymurgist
 Now that's a hankering for a burger!  General 12009 Oct 2Chimichimi
 Tomatillos...  General 392009 Oct 1Andy
 Yakimono (pottery) in Ottawa?  General 512009 Oct 1Icecream