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 Hunky Bill's Perogy Maker  General 122008 Dec 31Captain Caper
 Xmas gift for Scotch lover?  General 102008 Dec 31warby
 Merry (early) Christmas and happy holidays!  General 62008 Dec 25Pan Bagnat
 Duck fat?  General 52008 Dec 23chef Obi
 Spatchcocked Turkey  General 92008 Dec 23chef Obi
 Real wasabi?  General 82008 Dec 23chef Obi
 Where are you dining on Xmas eve?  General 152008 Dec 23BakingBombshell
 Sunchokes / Jerusalem artichokes  General 32008 Dec 23Kael
 Best to be starting your nog soon  General 32008 Dec 20Captain Caper
 Where can I get balsamic style apple cider vinegar?  General 02008 Dec 19obsessed
 I want to make the BEST jelly doughnuts ever  General 22008 Dec 17LUVGoodFOOD
 Oversize wine glasses  General 92008 Dec 17Food&Think
 Ottawa Magazine - Places to Watch  General 82008 Dec 16foodlover
 New BreakieTag ?  General 112008 Dec 16Food&Think
 The Gallery of Regrettable Food  General 32008 Dec 13FeedMe
 Foodie Christmas - what to give a foodie?  General 192008 Dec 13FeedMe
 self regulation in the food industry  General 12008 Dec 13Captain Caper
 Uneggspected windfall for Montreal passersby  General 02008 Dec 12zymurgist
 Beef Jerky  General 42008 Dec 11newmom
 Gravy (not from an envelope or can)  General 132008 Dec 10Food&Think
 Alcotest  General 112008 Dec 10Food&Think
 french onion soup / cheap onions  General 62008 Dec 9Pan Bagnat
 Where to find coffee roasting bags  General 92008 Dec 9Food&Think
 Request for a beer glass  General 52008 Dec 9Motley
 Black Cat Bistro, open???  General 62008 Dec 8Food&Think
 LCBO Vintages Release - December 6, 2008  General 62008 Dec 8mark_ottawa
 Hilarious News Story re: Lindenhof Restaurant  General 42008 Dec 6Sugar sugar
 Outaouais / Ottawa Entertainment Book 2009  General 22008 Dec 6Food&Think
 Atelier  General 12008 Dec 6Food&Think
 Rants  General 42008 Dec 6Food&Think
 Egg sandwiches at Starbucks.  General 72008 Dec 5Food&Think
 'The Ex'  General 42008 Dec 5Pete-In-Ottawa
 Chocolate wholesale  General 32008 Dec 4LUVGoodFOOD
 Kitchen Renovation Chronicle  General 12008 Dec 1Food&Think
 Sweetbread Ideas  General 162008 Dec 1foodlover