Prince Edward County [Travel]

2008 Apr 8

Thought other foodies might enjoy a sampling of the many places we visited while in Prince Edward County for the Maple Festival in addition to the Sugar Bushes (see my entry in the Sugar Shack Forum).

For those of you have never been to Prince Edward County the drive to Picton is just under 3 hours... can easily be done as a day trip, or enjoyed as a weekend away. PE County is quickly making a name for itself as a foodie destination, and lives by the mantra "Taste the County". Almost every food establishment in PE County has got on board the concept of buying, cooking and selling county products. There are now so many food producers and vendors that a Taste Trail has been designated (and marked) by the Province of Ontario, and many food related events are held throughout the year... Maple Festival, County-licious, Harvestin' the County and TASTE!


Waring House Inn - (served as homebase, more mouth-watering info to come)

Black River Cheese Company - This farmer-owned cooperative cheese company (the last in Ontario) has been in operation since 1901, and is the only cheese company to still exist in the county following its historic “cheese making” period. Cheese here was once produced all over the county and shipped via the seaway to Britian. After over 100 years of cheese making, it can be said that Black River Cheese is doing something right. Black River Cheese is very popular with both the locals and visitors. It is here at their small roadside store (the factory is out back) that you will find the usual favourites, as well as some specialty items. They have won many awards for their cheeses, and both their White & Yellow 5 Year old cheddar is very popular with wine drinkers (“The Man” says it is one of the best he’s ever tasted). During Maple Festival, Black River Cheese featured a Maple Cheddar (free samples were available for nibbling). It was a mild and interesting combination of cheddar infused with real maple syrup in the processing. Also during the Maple Festival they provided “large” samples of both Maple Walnut and Sugar Shack Maple Ice Cream. The latter a unique combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with small bits of real maple sugar mixed in (I swear, it is one of the top 5 hard ice creams I have ever tasted – and I love my ice cream). Soft Ice Cream is available only in the summertime (starts Mother’s Day) and our own Captain Caper says it is fantastic! In addition to the store selling a great assortment of dairy products, the location also serves as a storefront for many of the local cooks and artisans. You will find an assortment of goodies including cookies, crackers, honey, fudge, photography collections and other nick-nacks. A great shop to savour an ice cream on a summer’s day, and leisurely look thru the shelves. The Black River Cheese Company is located southeast of Picton on Highway 13 just outside of Milford.

2008 Apr 10
I started googling around, looking for new places to try on this summer's trip to PEC, and remembered that our favourite meal last summer was had at the Isaiah Tubbs Resort, on their deck overlooking the beach. The actual restaurant is called "Restaurant On The Knoll".

We'll also likely try Portabella this year, as it's caught my eye the last few times we've been in town.

I've never been disappointed at Currah's:

And we'll likely be visiting Angeline's, the Claramount and the Merrill Inn (Merrill Inn for afternoon tea).