Farmers Markets [General]

Aug 11
I visited the Byward and Orleans Farmers markets recently. I found both to be problematic as far as posted prices and variety. I ended up leaving both as quickly as possible without getting everything that I wanted and paying very high prices for what I did purchase. Any better markets out there?

Aug 11
Byward is pretty empty these days.
I have had good luck at Chantals and Navan Little Market, which we go to when we are at LaVergne.

Aug 17
Carp Farmers market is more limited than usual but has had an ok variety of produce. Can't comment on pricing, since I'm not sure what your benchmark is. Ottawa farmers markets are generally pretty expensive for some items compared to similar produce in say Jean Talon market.

Aug 18
Not a farmer's market but Fosters Family Farm Stand at the corner or Alta Vista and Cunningham sells great farm fresh produce at quite reasonable prices. Cash only and not the selection of a whole market but still really good selection.

I'd prefer to support farmers directly, however the markets (lansdowne, etc.) are quite pricey and I can still get good quality, well priced local-ish produce at farm boy, independent, produce depot and other joints.