Local strawberries disappointing this year? [Food/Vendor]

Jul 11
Was this a bad year for strawberries in the Ottawa region? We've tried three different farms so far and their berries have all been on the watery and tangy side, pretty much indistinguishable from imported grocery store strawberries. They do get sweeter as they ripen but the fermented taste kicks in before the sweetness hits ideal levels.

For the record, we've tried Millers', Rochon, and McGregor's so far. Are we just too picky? I appreciate any tips!

Jul 11
We've had good ones from Shouldice, from their stand on Prince of Wales. Also bought good ones (not imported ones) at Farm Boy on McRae. Strangely, I got strawberries in my CSA that were on the tart side.

Jul 11
We also experienced some good local strawberries from the Shouldice stand on Prince of Wales and Rideau Valley drive

Jul 12
Agree, they've been disappointingly sour or bland. I had one basket from Loblaws (the Ontario ones) and they were alright, but spoiled within two days.
I've given up and have started spending my strawberry money on cherry plums instead. Haven't had a bad one yet, even if they aren't local. *shrug*

Jul 13
We bought a lot of strawberries last week at Chantal's Fruit and Vegetable stand on Navan Road in the east end. They were great, raspberries too.

Jul 13
i second Chantals, and can vouch for Navan Little Market across the street from LeVergne.

Jul 14
Had Shouldice from upick, Fosters from Alta Vista stand, somewhere in from QC at farm boy, no complaints.