Where are people wearing masks? [General]

Jul 1
Costco yesterday morning, roughly 85/90% wearing masks.
LCBO King Edward, yesterday afternoon, roughly 85/90% NOT wearing masks.

Jul 1
Monday afternoon at T & T, 100% wearing masks. That made me happy.

Jul 1
Nicastro's on Merivale, 95% masks.

Loblaws College sqaure about 50%

Jul 2
I only wear mine when I go in a store. When I am out walking I don't wear one.

Jul 2
I’ve found grocery stores in Orléans have pretty high mask usage. Employees and customers are all masked up.
Hardware stores are shockingly low. Had to stop at several places trying to fix something today and it seems like both Lowes and Canadian Tire have given up all together. No social distancing measures in place any more and (a rough guess to be fair) under 30% mask usage.

Jul 4
Loblaws @ College Square, early Friday morning: no employees wearing masks. Maybe 20% of customers masked.
I had my face shield on.

Jul 4
Home Hardware and Shoppers Drug Mart on Eagleson (Bridlewood)... the vast majority of employees were wearing masks and there were acrylic barriers at the checkouts. Customer mask wearing was much less, maybe 20%.

I wear the mask, not to protect myself and not even to protect others from me (because I go out maybe once a week and am super careful about contact, hand washing, and sterilization of items). I wear the mask to NORMALIZE the wearing of masks so that the tiny fraction of people who could spread the virus, won't. Another way to look at it is that I do wear the mask to protect others from me, except that "me" really means "us."

Without universally adopted safety measures we're just one outbreak away from resetting the clock to mid-March. An Ottawa-wide mandate to wear masks, which could come as early as Monday, would address this situation nicely.

Jul 5
Hunt Club Metro, all staff, maybe 50% customers.
Whole Foods, all staff, 75-85٪ customers.