Old restaurant in Colonel By's home? [General]

Jun 16
Long ago (50 years!), I worked at an intriguing restaurant somewhere on a road leading south out of Ottawa, and I'm wondering if anyone remembers it or has heard of it, and can fill in my fuzzy memories?
The building or property for the restaurant claimed to be to connected in some way to Colonel By (maybe in a home of his?). (Maybe it was just on Colonel By Drive? but Iím pretty sure thatís not the connection Iím thinking of.) The proprietor had been in Japan in some diplomatic capacity, and his restaurant included some Japanese dishes. (I remember there was a dish (maybe a soup?) for which one actually got a little metal heating apparatus, placed right at one's table (Sorry I'm being so vague.)
There was a guest list at the entry of the restaurant, and (assuming it was for real), I remember it had some recognizable names of politicians, etc. of the era who came there.
At that time, the restaurant was far enough out of town to have farms nearby, etc. I'd guess it could be built up around it now, if it's even there.
Does this any of this ring a bell for anyone?