flat chicken [General]

Jun 13
The last few years I've been picking up spatchcocked, boned chickens at Loblaws. They started out at $10, but last year the price went up substantially. Still, they were great to barbecue.

I haven't seen them at all this year.

I know I can make this myself and will probably eventually take that up as a hobby, but I'm just wondering if anyone has seen something like this in another store.

Jun 13
Like this ?

Jun 13
Farm Boy’s are great, they are a little pricey but often go on sale. I like the tandoori chicken one best.

Jun 14
I have seen Portuguese chickens like this at Metro.

Jun 14
The spatchcocking is quite easy and we've been doing it a fair bit during the lockdown. I don't bother deboning. We've been using this Jamie Oliver recipe. We usually substitute a peri-peri chicken marinade recipe we got separately instead of the harissa. The bed of onions and peppers is good though.


Jun 15
We do spatchcock chicken (and cornish hens) on a regular basis. I picked up a good quality pair of shears and tackling a chicken takes me less than a minute. We usually just add a dried spice rub but I also have a few wet rub recipes. We also do spathcock turkey although it is a little more work to get the back bone out (and you need good quality shears). A flat 10 pound turkey takes under 2 hours on our kamando style bbq.

Jun 16
The farmboy chickens are my go-to easy bbq-ing chicken when I'm too lazy to do anything else. I like the tandoori version.

Jun 16
Thanks, guys. I only really go to Loblaws for food, but will begin to search further afield.

Jun 16
Piggy Market usually has them either fresh or in the freezer. If you email them in advance they will make on for you. I like their Chimichurri version.

Jun 16
I love doing chickens this way, I find it a bit easier to cook than doing it whole. I just find I'm less concerned about some parts being over done and other parts being raw.

Takes two mins to remove the back bone and they are great to save for stock in the winter.

I basically only grill on charcoal these days so that adds a bunch of flavour. I saw recently Daniel Vaughan of Texas Monthly talking about doing rotisserie chickens and how easy that is.. so I will probably try that next.

Jun 16
Okay, I did some research today.

They only had one flavour: Portuguese (though, I don't consider that a flavour).

Mesquite, Tandoori, Italian (why do I consider this a flavour?), Lemon Pepper
Coconut Lime
There were a couple of these, approaching $30 each.

I picked up a nice lemon pepper chicken for $15. It's what I was looking for. I'll take a look for good sized whole chickens next time.

Jun 17
Costco 2 packs are great if you are looking for whole chickens.