Food Craving [General]

May 18
What is the one thing that you crave most and will go out for once we get the ok? Marroush for me.

May 18
Shanghai Wonton Noodle. I think they are open for takeout/delivery but it's a bit of a hike from where I live to the restaurant. It's conveniently located near the Bytowne though so when life returns to the new normal I will go to Shanghai Wonton Noodle for a plate of dry noodles then head over to the Bytowne after.

May 18
We drive to Brockville to get take out from Manoll’s, which I found out about on this site. It’s pretty much our only ‘cheating’ with the lockdown.

May 21

I would murder for a real plate of glorious tacos.

May 21
osolomeal I think Sula Wok is open for take out...

May 21
Casa Mexico too, will be dope.

May 23
We rarely 'go out' anywhere anymore. It's mostly 'bring in'. The few sit-down places we love to visit will get our business once they reopen.

What am I craving for takeaway that I can't currently get? Chinese food.
We order pizza and get stuff from the drive-through places once in a while and drove out to Blair/Montreal last night to get felafel and humus.
A really good plate of fish and chips would be nice. With a beer. Maybe two.

May 23
We got take out fish and chips from The Pelican recently and it was nice for a bit of a change from home cooking.

Was also very happy to be able to get cortados and flat whites from Ministry of Coffee for the first time in a couple of months.

I haven't been yet but I was happy to see Parma Ravioli has reopened again, at least part time. Their lasagnas and frozen pastas would have been perfect throughout the lock down but will definitely have to visit there soon.

May 31
Chinese food craving taken care of last night from Ng's Cuisine. Fast, hot, delicious. It was strange to go for the pickup and not have to fight for a parking space. Mine was the only car in the lot.

Jun 10
"A really good plate of fish and chips would be nice. With a beer. Maybe two."

That would be the beer garden at Kichessippi in Bells Corners. The Ad Mare seafood truck is now parked there. Only taking pre-orders but well worth jumping through the hoops, even more so once you can have a beer on the patio.

Jun 11
Biaggio's on Richmond Road has a good fish and chips deal for Friday's lunches. We had it a couple of weeks ago and it was great. A nice big piece of crispy fish, fries, coleslaw and a sauce for $10. Highly recommended.

Jun 16
Petit Bill's for Fish and chips.