Wine Delivery [Booze]

Apr 17
So Ottawa is well-covered for beer delivery, but I'm finding it more difficult to figure out non-LCBO sourcing of quality wine. I'm jealously watching Toronto friends receive curated cases from wine merchants and wine bars, but I'm not sure anything like that exists for easy delivery to Ottawa.

Outside of ordering directly from Canadian wineries, has anyone come across an easy, functional, and relatively affordable service for getting interesting wines from farther afield?

Apr 17
I know that Beckta is selling cases of wine that they currated, with the caveat that you have to purchase a cheese or charcuterie board too legally.

Apr 17
I have been using WineOnline for years, mostly with good success on the quality. Never any issues with delivery or service.

Apr 17
Corner Peach, Dominion City and Heartbreakers Pizza are offering quality wines typically not available at the lcbo for pick up. Check thier Instagram stories for availability/prices.

Check out revel ciders online shop for really funky hybrid Ontario wines and ciders delivered Ontario wide -

Keep 6 imports also delivers Ontario wide for a fee, I believe $25. Lots of hard to source beer and, mostly, Oregon wine. They are a part of the bar volo family and have an affiliation with the lcbo, check thier site for deets -

Apr 18
The folks behind MēNa are doing home delivery of a premium "happy hour at home" experience with snacks, charcuterie, and curated wine:

This is more of a dining experience than a grocery experience, so not exactly what Brian Mc is asking for. Thought I'd mention it here in case anyone is interested. It would make a pretty sweet gift!

Apr 20
I order from the Living Vine in Toronto. They have a changing roster of wines, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Australia, US & Canada mainly.

Apr 22
Savvy is doing curated boxes from PEC.