The official all things bbq thread! (continued) [Cooking]

Feb 26
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What kind of smoker do you use and for how long, are you okay with it? Which smoking results did you get the most impressed with?

I'll start first, I bought a model Pit Boss Grills 77435 here The best picture I've ever had of it.

I'm not quite sure if I'm posting this correctly or not. I think it would be curious.

Mar 9
Bradley - its ok but the thermal mass just doesn't do the trick anymore. Big Green egg (or kamado of some type) on the list. Easiest to do is pork butt - hard to get it wrong. Ribs have been inconsistent for me - user error :) ABT - atomic buffalo turd (stuffed jalapeno's) are a crowd favorite. I often smoke poblano, onions and tomatoes for a short time, then make a smoked salsa - love that and it is super easy. The one time I did brisket it turned out well. For smoke times I generally follow guidelines on the Bradley forum, or from the amazingribs web site.

Mar 10
Has anyone tried Alton Brown's macguyvered planter pot smoker? I'm on a pretty small budget, so I was thinking of trying it this summer.


This thing

Mar 10
I have a number of smokers/grills:

Medium Big Green Egg: Had this close to 8 years here in the city and it's my main go to.

Napoleon Performer: Got this last year as a all-purpose grill for the cottage in addition to the propane grill I have there. I have the rotisserie and pizza attachment for this. The propane grill is just a secondary grill for quick hot dogs etc if it's too hot and I don't have time to fire up the charcoal.

Barrel Smoker: somebody was giving one away in my area so I just picked it up. Haven't used it yet.. plan to make a charcoal grill out of it at some point. It's up at the cottage. I really just wanted the barrel...

In terms of straight up smoking, I've done lots of stuff with a focus on beef.. Brisket, beef ribs, prime rib.

But more often than not for me I will do combo of smoking and grilling... I like to use a combo of wood and charoal so I'll get a good smoke going to add some flavour and then use a higher temp to maybe reduce cooking time.

I've done lots of pork butts because that's an easy way to feed a bunch. I will also grill spatchcock chickens to feed a few people. I have also smoked turkeys in the past too.

Honestly though, I don't do as much smoking as I used to because I have two young boys so it's hard to find the time. Briskets for one are something that just take too much time and care for me with the kids. That's why I sort of combo smoke and grill stuff.

I once did two 25 pound pigs in a caja china for a group of about 50 people.

Drumsticks on the charcoal are a big hit the kids, I do those often and will often just use the Dinosaur BBQ rub and sauce. SEems that always goes over well with people. I find the Dino BBQ sauce one of the best, most versatile, commercially available sauces.. They make a great mojito chicken sauce too.

Mar 10
james - if you are on a budget, you could always try a Weber Smokey Mountain... they are well made and not expensive because they are charcoal/wood burning only. I have never used one but if somebody is wanting to get into smoking, they do a great job.

Mar 10
I love my Smokey Mountain!
Itís great if youíre doing BBQ occasionally and doing small batches. Iíve had good results both hot and cold smoking.
I can imagine outgrowing it if I was doing big projects or constant smoking.
I also often take the middle out and place the grill right over the coals and use it like a hibachi