Rise of Ottawa's Modern Chain Franchises [General]

Feb 21

Interesting article about the influx of chain restaurants that have been arriving in Ottawa lately. They've been here a while longer but one could also add Fiazza and Popeyes to the mix which seem to be all over the place these days.

On another note, has anyone tried Pi Co?

Feb 21
Fiazza is corporate owned (two partners) but they do mention that we do have a bunch of those types of places around too. It's actually a pretty detailed article. Not sure it mentions that Centrale Bergham is bombing and closing all over town though from what I know.

I haven't tried Pi Co but I'm looking forward to trying... it looks good but I really have to say that Ten X Cups pizza is one of the best in that style I've ever had:

Honestly, though.. I welcome the great diversity in food happening in this city so I don't care if places are franchises or not, things are getting really interesting.