Solo dining [General]

Feb 20
Hi all. Tired mom of 2 here with a day to myself tomorrow. Where would you go to dine alone with a book? I live in Barrhaven andI’ll go as far west as Stittsville and as Far East as Bank. Prefer to avoid downtown/by ward market but centre town is ok :)

Feb 20
rdmsgirl My recommendations will be in centretown because that's where I live. Ironically my favourite places at the moment are all on Bank. My suggestions and links to the menus are as follows:

Donerma (Middle Eastern):

Go Gi Ya (Korean):

Yunshang Rice Noodle (Chinese hotpot):

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine (Japanese):

Dolsot Café (Korean):

Talay Thai (Thai):

I also like East India Company on Somerset just off Elgin:

If you want to eat out in Chinatown I can recommend the following two places:

Rangoon Restaurant (Burmese): The green tea leaf salad is awesome.

Royal Treasure (Chinese): Their fried noodles are my favourite.

Happy dining!

Feb 20
If you mean daytime, i'd strongly suggest Wilf n Ada's (Bank), Chesterfield's (Welington W), Jak's (Bronson) or John's (Welington W) for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Great food, not too busy during the week, enough room for a book.

If dine as in dinner... Alirang (Merivale), Fairrouz (Somerset), Orto (Fourth), Hanabi (Bank).

I've done the solo thing at most of these places, no hesitation.

Enjoy your day!