butter for baking? [General]

Feb 12
hello all, was just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for your go to unsalted butter for baking? would love a local recommendation if possible, or if you know anything about where the butter comes from as well it would be super appreciated!

Feb 13
FWIW I use Lactantia unsalted butter for all my baking, in fact, it is the only butter I ever buy. I'm happy with it, they also have a cultured version that is really good.

Feb 14
Whatever is on sale :-)

Feb 14
Outaouais butter is localish and pretty good. I buy it at Cedars on Bank st. I have never bought or used unsalted butter, even for baking, so I am not sure if they carry the unsalted sort.

Feb 17
Lactantia is made by Parmalat - they have a plant in Winchester, 10 minutes south of Ottawa on Bank St./Hwy 31...

Feb 19
Also curious if there are good brands for baking vs cooking. I also just buy whatever is on sale.

Feb 20
Does one bake with cultured butter to get a more buttery taste?

Feb 21
Cultured butter makes for snobby baked goods.

Feb 21
I learned this lesson the hard way; if youíre making a laminated dough, itís WAY easier to use a Euro-style butter because itís much more pliable when itís cold. I use the Lactancia brand; itís pricey but if youíre going to put in the time and effort itís really important!