Crave - new wine and food show [General]

Feb 11
This sounds interesting for sure !

Feb 12
The proposed changes look good and I'm excited to see this succeed. I don't want to get into a conversation about all the ways that the previous shows failed. We know. We all know.

Limiting the age of attendance to a minimum of 21 is an interesting choice. Enforcing a dress code would also be something to look at.
I love the idea that participating restaurants would actually be able to make their money back, in theory. Promotion is a huge gamble sometimes. Having a plan to make it work is a great start.
SmartServe is supposed to prevent drunken rowdiness, but sometimes it's hard to judge based on how much someone has had to drink in a short period of time. Proper training of serving staff and security will be key.

Tickets available next week, I see.

Feb 12
Based on the title, I'll assume this a new show on Bell TV's Crave. Hopefully Guy Fieri does not make any appearances.

Feb 12
I hope the guys from Letterkenny show tho. With some puppers.

Feb 12
"Hopefully Guy Fieri does not make any appearances."

Counterpoint: this will be 200% better if Guy Fieri makes all the appearances.

Feb 12
It all hinges on what they can do in terms of getting good food operators on board and that hinges on whatever scheme they use to make sure they make money.

If they can't get good, local restaurants on board then it won't probably last.

Feb 12
It seems straightforward enough... lower the cost for the restaurants to be there, raise the cost for the people attending. No one is going to a wine n food show to save money.

...and before anyone chimes is with 'it lets people sample things they could not afford', yes, that is true, but they are paying for admission and sample tickets and possibly transport, coat check, etc. Opportunity to sample, yes. Cheap, no.

Feb 12
The only other issue that I can see is that we have a tonne of different festivals and events now (many food and beverage related) so they might have their work cut out for them to get the word out and differentiate themselves.

An event like this, done right, could really be a centerpiece of the food and beverage scene in the city so I hope it does well.

We saw the Ottawa Craft Beer Festival end up as the Beer Fest.