Fish Question [General]

Feb 8
Looking for help finding a Canadian fish substitute for Caribbean fish like marlin, mahi mahi, swordfish etc? I have some recipes I want to try but frozen will not suffice.

Feb 9
Sadly there arenít really any Canadian fish with the meaty toothsome texture of swordfish, king mackeral or marlin. Closest in my opinion would be BC caught albacore tuna. Pickeral / walleye is good too but is more cod like. I always ask when Iím buying as the two places it is fished commercially are Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg and I prefer the lake Winnipeg fish. I donít keep any of the fish I catch in Lake Erie or Lake Ontario.

Feb 11
I would try tuna. Or maybe shark, if you can find it.

Feb 26
I've never tasted a shark, very curious how it tastes :)

Feb 26
It varies widely. In my experience, it can taste quite a bit like swordfish.