Opening Soon... 2020! [Food/Vendor]

Jan 3
Gyubee Japanese Grill will be opening on Dalhousie between York and Clarence. They're a Toronto-based franchise offering AYCE tabletop cooking on wire mesh grills.

I'm excited about wire mesh grills because thinner grill bars interfere less with radiant heat transfer (grilling). Somewhat ironically, significant grill marks are a symptom of suboptimal grilling conditions involving too much conductive heat transfer.

Jul 10
I just finished my Burgers Priest order. It wasn't too expensive, really, but I still balk at paying $25 for a burger meal. I am very old.
I got The Priest burger, chili cheese fries, and a chocolate shake.
All of it was good, but none of it stood out as fantastic and 'must-have'.
The place will do well with the stunt burger crowd because of the hidden menu and highly Instagrammable food. "OO, they're a small chain from TORONTO. I can order off-menu items that are so hard to find that they only show up on their website under MENU." People will get into that. I'm sure.
Me, I'll be going somewhere else.

The improbably tall burgers are made possible by not serving meat patties, but more of a meat BALL. When you squish it to get it in your gaping maw, it flattens out to a regular sized burger and doesn't squish out the sides. However, when you unwrap it, you see this enormous thing in your hands.