Pickled ramps [General]

Nov 5
Has anyone ever seen these for sale anywhere or have any idea where I might look for some? Thanks.

Nov 5
felinefan I think I've seen them at the Byward Market during ramp season but that's not very helpful if you are looking for them now ;) Maybe try Lansdowne Farmers Market? They seem to sell a lot of preserved stuff when the growing season is over. Or maybe the organic farmers market in Ottawa South. If not maybe a gourmet food shop like Thyme and Again or The Red Apron or Jacobsens.

Nov 6
I've seen them at farmboy.

Nov 6
Which Farmboy?

Nov 6
A few vendors at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market had them a few weeks ago.

Nov 6
1500 Bank st

Nov 7
Thanks so much. They are needed for a Momofuku recipe for ranch dressing.

Nov 9
I was at the Farm Boy on Bank Street today and they have never heard of pickled ramps. Neither has the one on McRae. Will try the Farmer's Market.

Nov 10
Drats, hope you can find them at the market.

Nov 11
I went to the market yesterday and got the good news/bad news. There is a place that sells them there but only from May to October. That was the good news in that there is a place that sells them. I got in touch with them and the bad news is they are out of them. Come May they will have them again. I have also found out that Red Apron sells them but again, they are seasonal and they have no more left. Thank you for your suggestions.