FCAJ [General]

Oct 20
I've tried Loblaws, Metro, and Food Basics. I can't seem to find anyone who carries frozen concentrated apple juice. JUST apple. No cocktails. I need to finish a batch of cider and want to use this to add sugar before bottling.

Oct 22
If you can spare the trip to Ogdensburg it looks like American Walmart carries it - www.walmart.com

Didn't see it on the Canadian site. There's also a welch's version

Oct 22
Thanks, but that's unlikely to happen. I'm not going to burn $30 in gasoline just to get a couple of cans of FCAJ. I'm having a glass of the cider as it is right now to test. It's quite dry, but flat. Obviously. With the added sugar, it slowly ferments in the bottle and adds a bit of natural carbonation. It could use a bit of sweetener, so I imagine I'll add some simple syrup and bottle it this weekend.

Oct 23
When we did our last batch of cider, we had the same dilemma. Don't quite remember how we solved it...I'm inclined to believe we just left it sit, in the carboy, for six or so months and it finally carbonated.

I'm curious if you could use thinned out apple butter. It wouldn't have the same freshness of flavour, but it would definitely be sweet enough and it would have a nice deep apple note.