Food and Wine Show 2019? [General]

Oct 9
Has anyone heard any news if there will be a Food and Wine show this year in Ottawa?

Oct 9
I hope not. After the shitshow last several years.

Oct 13
After Peter Hum's petty, relentless crucifixion of Joan Culliton in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen last year? Pretty certain that was the final nail in the show's coffin, and the fervour with which he sealed its fate was impressive. Yay Ottawa Citizen, more such hard hitting news please.

Oct 13
The Citizen didnt create the problem or fail to correct it.

Oct 21
Of course not, Hum was just performing a bit of public service journalism for the greater good of the community, like coming across a wounded animal on the road and putting it out of its misery.

Below is more hard hitting journalism recycling last year's news on the same subject; schadenfreude anyone?

"Hum was just performing journalism. "

Fixed for accuracy. It was a story last year. It didn't stop being a story. People didn't stop being interested, see OP above. If one doesn't care for Hum's reporting one can always not read it.

"If one doesn't care for Hum's reporting one can always not read it. "

That is what I do with the entire Ottawa Citizen these days and, if you're perturbed by some journalists (or news organizations) it's a good way to lead a happier life IMHO. That said, journalists choose to live a public life and many of them are quick to critique others. So criticism of them is also fair game IMHO.