Eater article - 20 essential Ott/Gat restaurants [General]

Sep 5

...some unsurprising entries, some the opposite...

Sep 5

Glad Rangoon made the list, I've had some great meals there.

Still haven't tried Alice, Soif, Earling or Semsem, but I appreciate everything else on the list.

Sep 5
Happy to see Table Sodam listed. Terrific chicken and Korean corn.

Sep 6
Ditto re Sodam, Rangoon, some of the entries are a bit off mainstream notice so nice to seem them acknowledged.

Maybe i'm wrong, but hasn't Alice been open all of like 2 months? No negative to Alice, just funny to see a shiny new restau on a list... then again, it's framed as 'essential', not 'best of'.

Omissions? ...Ceylonta comes to mind, if for no other reason than because Sri Lankan food is hard to find on this continent and they do it very very well.