Opening 2019 !! (continued) [General]

Aug 14
TOPIC continued from Forum - Opening 2019 !!

Opening Soon. Falafel Scoop will be opening up at 398 Kent St. (ex-Shekarchi)

Aug 15
I don't know when Pudgyboys opened on Bank at McLaren, but it looks interesting. Not cheap for what they're delivering, but interesting.

The prices aren't working on their website (at least, not for me), so I took a look at their delivery prices.

Aug 15
The reviews I've seen for Pudgyboys are pretty terrible.

Aug 15
I've ordered through Uber Eats a few times, I think the food is pretty good, fairly high quality sliders and chicken.

The portion to price ratio isn't great and makes it tough to justify.

Aug 15
Pudgy Boys was ok... i tried a few different sliders...

Aug 19
Yuzumi on Holland Avenue where The Bowl used to be. Poke bowls, sushi rolls, cold noodles, rice bowls. They could have kept the old name/signage and simply added an s, since it sounds like they have more than one bowl.

Aug 20
For those bubble tea fans, a new CocoTea store is now open on Merivale (1568 Merivale Rd Unit 12).

Note that they are under soft opening hours which is from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Aug 20
had lunch buffet at the new indian place on Somerset, Mehfil today and it was pretty good for $15 with taxes. Been open for a few months but never seen it very busy... I hope they can make it work because it's so great having more variety in Chinatown.