Muffuletta [General]

Aug 1

Since the Filling Station introduced me to this sandwich and then shut down I've been very sad.

Anyone know of anywhere else that does a decent approximation of this wonderful concoction?

Aug 1
You can buy muffuletta mix at Cedar's, Nicastro, and similar places. It is essentially what Station was putting on their sandwiches.

I wish i could mention somewhere that actually does the sandwiches. Sadly, my search continues.

Aug 2
I had a Farm Boy muffuletta. Donít get too excited...

Aug 3
The first month Union opened up, they had a muffuletta on their lunch menu. Easily as good or better than what I've had at Central Grocery in New Orleans, reputedly the birthplace of the muffuletta.

Haven't tried it but Tooth and Nail Brewing has one on their menu - if it's even half as good as what they brew then it's worth a try IMO.

Aug 17
If you are ever out in Kemptville, the Crusty Baker has a pretty good Muffaletta with genoa, sopressata, mortadella, provolone, olives, & pickled vegetables.