frozen gnocchi [General]

Jul 17
Is there a place to get pre-packaged gnocchi (or gnudi) in the city? .... (preferably the west end)

I realize that frozen will never be as good as fresh, and we have made them before, but sometimes quick and easy with more time to focus on the sauce works well also.

To compare, we love fresh pierogi, but the frozen stuff in a bag can be enjoyable on a busy night ....... thks

Jul 17
I buy the frozen gnocchi at Parma Ravioli. I like them. They aren't heavy and they are handy to have around.

Jul 19
Thks lula, I will check them out.

Jul 19
Seconding Parma's.
Their frozen sauce is also a precious resource to have in the freezer.

Jul 19
Parma does other great fresh pasta as well. Ozzy's lasagna is great.

Jul 19
One more vote for Parma.

Jul 20
The new take out pasta place on Wellington looks fancy, and was almost open when I walked by the other day.

Jul 21
Where on Wellington? Assume that I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jul 22
1063 Wellington, at Merton. May not be open yet. (

Jul 24
It's looked almost open for at least 2-3 weeks now but as of a few days ago it wasn't open yet. They originally had signs up saying they were opening in April.

Jul 25
Fettuccines makes great pasta for home cooking... the guy used to have a place on elgin but closed that to focus on frozen stuff for home. I get it from Three Sisters bakeshop up where I live but I think there are other places or direct:

His pastas are amazing and his lasagna is lights out good.

Worth finding out where they are available, maybe need to call.

Jul 25
House of Pasta is supposed to open in August.

Jul 26
What do they make there?