Kingston bevvies and bites [General]

Jul 16
Hi foodies,

Looking for some insights on where to try food and drink whilst in Kingston. Thus far on my list: Tango Neuvo, Aqua Terra, le Chien Noir and a couple of breweries.

We also love original cocktails.

Thanks so much!

Jul 16
I know it's beyond an institution at this point, but Chez Piggies pretty much nails what they do every time, and their breakfast/lunch/takeout at Panchancho is excellent.

Chien is solid. Short menu but everything is very good.

I like Tango for drinks, snacks. Their food is good but other Kingston options are better for actual dining.

Have only had lunch at Aqua which was hotel standard good for the price. Have heard dinner is superior but have not tried.

If you're feeling Indian, Curry Original is great.

Harper's Burger Bar gives the 5 Guys up the street a solid run for the best burger there.

The Pilot House is to fish and chips what Bruce Lee was to nunchucks.

People will tell you that Wooden Head makes the best pizza in Kingston. These people have not eaten at Atomica around the corner from there. Both are solid za options but i give Atomica the non-rounded edge.

Jul 16
Stone City Ales is right downtown on Princess and makes great beer.

The bakery on Wolfe Island is amazing.

Jul 16
My fiance and I went to Olivea for her birthday dinner (On a road trip). It was really really good italian food, and their cocktails are great too.

Jul 17
Are you looking for places that do both food and drinks? Or are you open at looking for some unique food places sans drinks?

Jul 18
Hey even if the OP isn't, i want to know about the Kingston "unique food places" pleasethanks.

Jul 19
Wok Inn - do not miss this outpost of awesomeness. Chris and his wife still serve up some of the finest Cambodian curries ever. This is a tiny hole of a place, going strong for at least 25 years.

Jul 19
@sourdough... it is great! IMO it has surpassed the other Pat restaurants mainly because the kids, and not Pat are doing the cooking now.

So OSoloMeal... Wok Inn (or Pat's restaurant if Pat is cooking) serves up some delicious Cambodian curry. Golden chicken is a must try.

Mekong still has some of the best fried rice paper spring rolls I've ever eaten

Sally's roti shop is a gem for Trinidadian food.

Amadeus Cafe is still one of the only places east of Toronto where you can get decent German food

Copper penny if only to get the original chicken powder fries (I haven't eaten there since uni)

Carmelinda's out in the west end serves a delicious liver and onions

and to disagree with the others... Tre Amici serves the best pizza in Kingston IMO

Off the rip that's what I can think of. If you're looking for a specific cuisine then ask. Both Sourdough and I spend many years in K-town...

Jul 19
Copper Penny still has those fries, delicious.

Jul 20
We’re big fans of Saigon Delights. Delicious Vietnamese.

Jul 21
Thank you everyone! Unique is awesome. Fine food, snacks, drinks. We love original spots
Just had the wonderful orange juice at Pancho!