Fast food counter tipping [Food/Vendor]

Jun 20
warby wrote: “You order and buy the food cafeteria style, complete with plastic tray. The payment terminal offers preset choices of tip but none of them are zero. The only way to leave no tip is to choose Other and then put in a zero. Or pay cash I guess. Anyway, practically forcing me to tip for fast-food service is a quick way to remove any inclination for tipping I might have!”

Unless I misread, the inclination to tip was small enough, and your determination not to tip strong enough, that you managed to avoid it. The 'press Other, then 0' is a fairly common configuration for point-of-sale PIN pads (I'd say a quarter to a third of places from which I pick up lunch have it set up this way), it's never crossed my mind that it might be some kind of avarice on the part of the business.

Besides, with the possible exception of places staffed solely by the owner and immediate family, I don't see a problem tipping for cafeteria-style service. Chances are they make less than I do, and probably work harder.

Jul 2
I assume he means without customers, there is no staff.