'convenience' fees [General]

Apr 16
I was told that there would be a 10% CONVENIENCE FEE added to our bill at Top 1 Sliced Noodle if I wanted to use a credit or debit card.

Here is the regulation from the Mastercard site:
5.11.2 Charges to Cardholders
A Merchant must not directly or indirectly require any Cardholder to pay a surcharge or any part of any Merchant discount or any contemporaneous finance charge in connection with a Transaction. A Merchant may provide a discount to its customers for cash payments. A Merchant is permitted to charge a fee (such as a bona fide commission, postage, expedited service or convenience fees, and the like) if the fee is imposed on all like transactions regardless of the form of payment used, or as the Corporation has expressly permitted in writing.
For purposes of this Rule:
1. A surcharge is any fee charged in connection with a Transaction that is not charged if another payment method is used.
2. The Merchant discount fee is any fee a Merchant pays to an Acquirer so that the Acquirer will acquire the Transactions of the Merchant.

So, I'm claiming bullshit on this one. Revenue Canada states the same thing.

Apr 16

Apr 16
Yeah, you just have to jack up your prices 10% on everyone, but SHHH, dont tell anyone.

Apr 16
Yikes! I didn't know they were doing that now.

On our first visit, it was 10% off if you're paying cash. On our second and third visits, it was no cards at all.

I guess they've brought back the cards but with this (pretty sketchy) fee... :(

Thanks for updating us on that!

Apr 23
Isn't 10% quite a bit more than the fee CC companies charge? I thought it was more like 2.5% or 3% of the transaction amount. I suspect there are also some fixed monthly/yearly fees but I can't imagine they'd need a fee to be as high as 10% to make up for that.

Apr 23
It's illegal to charge the customer (or the server) credit card service fees...

The fee does vary depending on what kind of card, AMEX is the highest but Visa & Mastercard are dependent on what type Visa or MC it is, Visa rates are especially varied...

May 9
And it only took the city over 10 years for them to tell taxi drivers not to charge convenience fees.

-you can always file a complaint w the credit card co and they should refund you the fee and give a warning to the vendor.