Birthday dinner. [General]

Apr 11
Last week of April. Last year I went to Signatures and it was wonderful. This year I had planned on going to Allium but that is off the table with the fire. Suggestions please, bearing in mind I dine alone on my birthday so group experiences aren't a viable option.

Apr 11
Albion Rooms is a good dine alone place. You can get one of their fabulous cocktails. There is something very sophisticated and grown up about drinking a cocktail by yourself. . . .

Apr 11
How about Bar Laurel or Carben? BL is more casual, great cocktails and food. Carben, the food and service are impeccable.

Apr 11
Seconding Albion Rooms, I've had a couple lovely solo meals there.

Apr 12
Beckta on Elgin. Classy, professional, delicious. I don't think i've ever been the only person dining there alone. And when the food, service and setting are that good, you could care less about being (o)solo.

Sur-Lie, on Murray. Same. Little more casual.

Taqueria La Bonita. Because if anyone reaches for my tacos i will stab them in the hand with the nearest implement, so dining solo minimises chances of innocent bystanders being injured.

Apr 12
I was at La Bonita for lunch last Saturday. Definitely food worth assaulting someone.

May 9
Not Pelican Fishery on Bank- very rude to me when dining out on my birthday.

May 12
Supply and Demand never disappoints with their homemade pastas.

Bar Laurel is fantastic. The Spanish wines pair up well with their tasty dishes.

Wellington Gastropub also always delivers great meals.

Those would be my top dine alone picks! :)