Amateur Food Porn 2019 [General]

2019 Apr 6
Made some salt and pepper pork chops. There’s salt. There’s pepper. And there’s pork chops. Salt and pepper pork chops.

2019 Apr 7
Chickpeas, tofu and cauliflower curry on basmati rice.

2019 Apr 26
Jumped the shark....

Pepperoni Putanesca Lasagna with a side of sriracha drizzled pimento olives and parsley poppy seed salted veggies.

2019 Apr 26
Oven roasted chicken breast, spicy red pepper gastrique, with red & white baby potatoes and red & white carrots.

2019 May 1
Coconut curry rice noodles with chicken and bacon.

2019 May 11
Cross rib roast 130f for 36 hours, chilled and then deep fried to reheat.

No knife required.

2019 May 22
Had to use up some leftovers for dinner last night, had some Italian sausage and peppers left over from the weekend, plus a piece of chorizo, so I made two flatbreads using Cozmos pitas (my personal favourite, I buy them by the bag).

On the left is Chorizo, poblano peppers, onions, avocado and habanero/peach hot sauce.

On the right is the Italian Sausage/pepper mixture, onions, Boston lettuce parsley and basil.

Not terribly intricate but a good use of leftovers if I do say so myself.

2019 May 22
Ginger coconut chicken stir fry on rice noodles.

2019 May 25
MichaelGA: I logged in just to say that puttanesca lasagna, with pepperoni, sounds AMAZING. You say it jumped the shark, but did it work minus all the other stuff?? I might have to try this at some point.

2019 Jun 5
It did work well, a spicy, salty, cheesy gut bomb. :P

2019 Jun 12
Made a dry rub for these ribs last night:

Cajun Seasoning, Jalapeno Garlic Salt, Ghost pepper infused pink salt, and black pepper. Tossed them, roasted them on low for about three hours, served with (pre-made) fries, avocado, lime and hot sauce. Came out very salty but very tasty.

I know the shot glass is a tad pretentious, but I wanted to drizzle as I ate and it was the most appropriate sized container in my house.

2019 Jun 12
Six-inch Spicy Italian, chip truck poutine.

2019 Jul 25
Red Curry with coconut milk, snow peas, red peppers cauliflower and Cumin spiced Turkey meatballs.

2019 Aug 3
It's summertime, keep it simple folks: Polish sausage from Kirkview Farms, local zucchini sauteed in olive oil with sea salt and espelette pepper.

2019 Aug 15
Korean style fried rice.

Ssamjang, ginger, garlic, grilled pork, cucumbers and crab flavored surimi. Garnished with sesame seeds and Kimchi powder.

2019 Oct 22
Wanted to make burgers, but forgot to buy Hamburger Buns?

No problem, make one skillet sized burger and use pita's!

2019 Oct 22
@EnglishFoodie: Nice idea! So you just put some oil in a non-stick and do it kind of like a tortilla?

2019 Oct 23
@Sparrow Seed

I used butter and a cast iron pan, but essentially yes.

2019 Oct 29
Fettucine with chicken livers and veggies. Presentation isn't my forte :)

2019 Oct 30
Butter chicken, yes with veggies... :P

2019 Nov 14
Oven baked Arctic char with Gremolata and grilled vegetables

2019 Nov 19
Flathead fish tacos (caught fresh off the coast of Alaska and vac-packed to here!), beer battered and pan fried, with homemade avocado salsa, Napa cabbage slaw, and spicy sour cream.

2019 Nov 19
Where did you buy the fish?

2019 Nov 20
@felinefan: My boyfriend is a fish biologist who works on the boats in the Bering Sea. When he's done his seasonal contract, he brings home a care package :)

2019 Nov 20
@Sparrow Seed Lucky you! It's hard to find good fish in Ottawa.