Looking at the Best Treadmill Australia at a reasonable price [General]

Mar 23
Best Treadmill Australia has been designed to give you the pleasure of explosive exercises done in a circuit format. It automatically creates enthusiasm towards exercises and you go on to make it a part of your daily routine. For further detail, please visit the website primefitness.com.au

Mar 23
Man, this is the whole cavalcade of spambot failure here.

First, wrong continent to start with. Heck wrong side of the world really. Although, it did hit a commonwealth country like it, so fair enough.

Second, we're a food group, not a fitness group. Unless foodie is Aussie slang for gym people using medieval torture machines.

Third, we really do don't add posts in the first place. We most talk about what food we wanna shove in our mouth holes, not buy my items.

Mar 23
Fourth, that doesn't seem to be a treadmill

Mar 23
But it is the workout you need after the 2 triple bacon cheeseburger binge. . . . . . .

Mar 23
Does it have a wine glass holder?
I just sent them an email asking a few questions of my own.

Apr 1
I could almost forgive this if it had a built in salmon-ladder.