Air fryers [General]

Feb 16
I had some great food from a friendís air fryer. Any tips? Should I buy one? Any brand better than others? Thanks!

Feb 17
They're mini convection ovens with a hot plate on the bottom and sometimes a motorised stir paddle. You can get similar or much better results (especially with things that fall apart when a paddle's moving them around, sucks to open an air fryer and find your batter or chicken skin has fallen off and is stuck to the paddle) with a good convection toaster oven. You might have to flip or toss things once or twice with the convection toaster, but it's a no-brainer compared to opening an air fryer and finding the paddle's shredded your batter or chicken skin, or made hash browns out of your fries.

Bonus: you can cook a killer pizza in a convection toaster oven.