Where's the best black forrest cake... [Food/Vendor]

Jan 31
Hey everyone.....haven't posted in a long time. I hope the customers are still coming in to you guys still slogging it out. Over 20 years since I closed up shop at the Sunken Dory.....time sure flies.
My question is........ever since the Swiss Bakery went out of business I can't seem to find a top quality black forest cake? I mean with the butter cream, kirsch, dark chocolate layers, and cherries from a jar, not a can.
Anyone know? Thanks, Robbie K.

Feb 5
Stubbe used to make some, maybe ask them.

Also, life of pie will make a cake for you but it is only on order-they do not have a cake where you can walk in and buy it.

Feb 6
Thanks for that reply, I'll check into it.

Feb 6
Das Lokal brags about theirs all the time but I’ve never had it. I think they make them for take-away.... wouldn’t hurt to give them call.

Feb 6
Elgin Street diner sometimes has black forest. I have not tried it so can't vouch.