Restaurant Closings 2019 [General]

2019 Jan 10
Not really a restaurant but Warsaw Deli and Nokham Thai closed since the mall they were in was appropriated for the LRT:

2019 Jan 10
A sad day for the neighbourhood! At least House of Pizza is re-locating. Somebody tell me again why this train is not on Carling??

2019 Jan 18
Flying Piggy's in South Ottawa (Bank near Heron) has closed its doors. Something about a terrible landlord. More info on their main page of their site ( along with a goodbye to customers. While I've been less than impressed with the place (food and service) the last few visits, I'm sorry to see it close. It was a pretty decent place in that end of town for many years.

2019 Jan 18
Smoque Shack is leaving the Market.

2019 Jan 19
Smoque Shack is building a new restaurant inside Beyond The Pale so maybe thatíll be their only location?

2019 Jan 19
Smoque Shack has been set up in some way or another at Beyond the Pale for I think the last 6 months or so

2019 Jan 19
I think they've been partnering for a while, but perhaps without a real kitchen? On December 21 BTP posted a photo of some interior construction with the caption "Work has begun on the BTP Smoque House. We are planning to have our fully functioning restaurant ready by late January. Here is week 1 update pictures. Stay tuned to social media as we reveal more about this exciting new project! Until then what would you like to see on the menu?"

2019 Jan 20
Smoque at BTP is/was not a kitchen, more like a prep/assembly space. The menu was all things that were all quick easy assembly. They are building a full kitchen and the menu will be increasing.

2019 Jan 21
Flying Piggies appears to have realized how the internet works in 2019 and taken down whatever they had up about their landlord.

Full Smoke Shack restau at BTP... oh yeah, i am . I am so utterly in for that.

2019 Jan 24
Marc Kitchen on Adeline St is closed.

2019 Jan 26
That's where Brianna Kim's new place will be (Alice).

2019 Feb 8
The Golden Star Chinese take out on Springfield is closing at the end of March. Itís been there for 50 years, under several names. Iím sure itís got to be the oldest continuous business in the Ďburgh. Very sad, although I have a love/hate relationship with the food. . . . . . .

2019 Feb 10
Agave is gone, replaced by Publicco, an Italian/Brooklyn theme...

Bella's is shut down (Dec 31st) but this sort of old news, the Condo company bought her out a while ago...

Hintonburger announced they will be closing as of Feb 27Th, ending with a fundraiser for autistic kids...

Dunn's in Westboro is gone...

2019 Feb 10
I was surprised about Agave as it always seemed to be busy.

Hintonburger should have stayed in their old location - too bad.

2019 Feb 10

Where is Les going?

2019 Feb 10
He retired, after losing his Mother & Father so close together & then his brother it's hard on a guy, so he sold to a couple of local guys...

Les is one of the good guys, I wish him nothing but the best!


2019 Feb 11
Barbarella's will be closing for good on Friday, March 22nd. The Glue Pot and the little Indian takeaway in the same building will have to be gone before April 1st as well. Claridge Homes needs the space to put up some more condos. Urban intensification doesn't just happen, you know. We need companies like Claridge Homes to make it work. I wish them the very best of luck building on top of the new LRT.

2019 Feb 11
RIP Glue Pot. Another old time bar/night spot lost to gentrification.

2019 Feb 11

2019 Feb 12

Hard to say whether intensification is a good thing, but on that corner i'm all for gentrification. I don't think that Barbarella's or the pub represents a loss. Those places were old and tired looking back when they were new. The Indian restau was good but there are others just as good nearby. I thought i read that Claridge was doing commercial on the ground floor of that location? Something new would be an improvement there, i think. Like, a shawarma place! Or a Subway! Or a pub, yes, we need another faux Irish/Scottish/Atlantic/chain pub!!!!

I hope Hintonburger finds a new location. We've got some solid burger in Ottawa now but they were
in before the rush, stayed quality, and i'd be sorry to see them disappear. And specifically the hand dipped pogo... that thing is glorious.

2019 Feb 12
Those are some good points, OSoloMeal. +1

2019 Feb 14
Hintonburger made a lot of enemies with the consistently salty and often bad service.

We went one time on a Sunday night and were giving our food in take out bags at 6:30 because they were closing at 7pm.

That was the last straw for me because the time before that, the girl at the counter asked me "how many burgers" like 5 times when I tried to order my food with a group of people because she wanted me to figure out what everyone was getting and then tell her.

that's just my own personal stories... that's not to say anything about their previous financial issues from a few years ago....

2019 Feb 14

2019 Feb 15
La Noodle's Kanata location is locked up. The notice posted on the entrance says they owe over $24000 in rent.

2019 Feb 18
24,000 dollars yikes thatís a lot of money.

Hintonburger made an enemy out of
Me serving me a burger so burnt it was black. Didnít realize it until we were back at my friends house. Never went to their new location, but I think the consensus is that prices went up and service and quality went down considerably. People never went for the atmosphere but their food used to be good. I can accept a one off mistake but many of my friends shared similar sentiments.

2019 Feb 18
+1 to a couple terrible Hintonburger experiences at the old KFC/Domino's location causing me to never go back and never check out the new location.

2019 Mar 1
"Fire strikes Allium Restaurant" (

2019 Mar 1
:-( that sucks

2019 Mar 9
Cafť Delish, which opened July 2018, is now closed. I saw them take down the sign yesterday and all the windows are papered.

2019 Mar 11
Ho Ho (

2019 Mar 13
Clover food | drink is closing April 13th.

2019 Mar 13
Just saw the Clover Instagram as well. What a bummer!

2019 Mar 13
Yeah, the few times we went we always enjoyed our meals. We also went to a few of their multi-course beer pairing dinners, one with Beyond the Pale and one with Small Pony Barrelworks. Should have gone more often...

2019 Mar 13
Peter Hum has an article on their closure

I'm just bummed I didn't know about it, gives me a bad feeling that I never got to try it (although not too late).

2019 Mar 21
Truc Pho (Bank/Somerset) looks closed. Windows all papered. Too bad, nice people, decent food.

2019 Mar 21

Clover is closing mid-April

2019 Mar 21
I have a feeling there is going to more than a few other places closing this spring. I think it's been a tougher than usual winter for restaurants... anecdotally, I've noticed a lot of places doing happy hours, deals and working with "influencers" in the past few months.

2019 Mar 21
Wasabi (

2019 Mar 25
The Berryman pub on bank has taken down all their signs and seem to be in the middle of a reno inside. Possible rebranding or new place?

2019 Mar 31
Kat & Kraken on Elgin street has closed. I hear there are more Elgin street restaurant closures coming soon

2019 Mar 31
Berryman is undergoing the reno and rebrand it should have gotten two years ago when the new owner took over. It was only supposed to be closed for a few days, but has now been closed for two weeks. Hopefully thatís a sign of how extensive the change will be. It needs it.

2019 Apr 1
Facebook post says "The Berryman Pub is closed, forever."

2019 Apr 1
Kat & Kraken... that's too bad... they barely got started and never seemed to get out from under the shade from the location's previous owner.

2019 Apr 1
Re: Berryman

As I said, it is undergoing a rebrand and renovation that should have happened two years ago. When it reopens, it will have a new name. The Berryman Pub is indeed closed forever, but the owners will have something there under a new name.

2019 Apr 1
Wasabi on Clarence closed:(
Very sad to see, hard working people, great ambience, nice pricing and variety in menu.
I wish their team well moving forward.

2019 Apr 3
There's finally been some activity at the locked-up Dunn's on Elgin; it's been stripped bare.

2019 Apr 3
Owner, Creditor, or unpaid employees deciding to get their money? YOU DECIDE.

2019 Apr 3
I can't say exactly who leased the space but the Dunn's location will become/remain a diner type establishment.

2019 Apr 3
on Richmond? I saw a sign - the Newborough? Couldn't find any info online though

2019 Apr 3
Also to address a couple of other recent posts.

Truc Pho is becoming a Chinese food place
Kat & Kraken was taken over by the guys who run the Waverly

2019 Apr 3
Thanks for the updates, EnglishFoodie, the Dunn's and Truc news is maybe good (though I liked the Eastern-European(?)/Asian husband/wife duo at Truc), diners are in short supply in the neighbourhood (ESD doesn't count, Capital Diner is...not great, which leaves Bramasole; hopefully the new joint isn't along the lines of Wilf & Ada's and has a bit more of a greasy spoon vibe -- I don't mind downtown prices and decor, just give me an dinner omelette option please), and other than Oriental House there's not a lot of Chinese in Centretown/downtown. Not a big fan of the Waverly but I'm curious to see what they bring.

I'm not positive this is a closure yet, but the last few Saturdays I've tried to get take-out supper from Horn of Africa on Rideau they were closed. No one answering the phones, doors locked. Porch fairy lights and the sign were still lit, though. A shame, their yemesir wat was excellent.

2019 Apr 4
I worked in the building Truc Pho was located in for years, Nasr was the husband's name, can't remember the wife or their daughters name, but they were a great family, always enjoyed lunch there.

2019 Apr 4
I haven't seen it on this thread yet but The Filling Station closed :(

2019 Apr 4
Filís in Hintonburg has a good diner vibe, and thereís bowling.

2019 Apr 7
Just to confirm that this is in the correct thread ...

Are you saying that Fil's is closing?

2019 Apr 8
No, someone else on this thread posted that old school diners were becoming few and far between, and said the only one they knew of was Bramasole. Had lunch at Filís yesterday, and it was hopping. Sorry for any confusion.

2019 Apr 10
Carlingwood restaurant closed since they are arrears on their rent:

2019 Apr 10
Market Organics will be closing on April 30th:

I'm not really surprised. Since Rainbow Foods bought the store in 2016 I noticed less local foods, less stock in general, and a high staff turn over.

2019 Apr 11

Zaky's had a fire last night, and probably is closed. Again.

2019 Apr 12

Big fire in the market. Vittoria Tratoria, plus surrounding places are gonna be closed.

2019 Apr 17
Ka Familia (

2019 Apr 21
Chez MŰ, which was in the old Ministry of Coffee place on Elgin, is gone. Also, there is a For Lease sign in Sweet Jesus on Clarence.

2019 Apr 23
ď...there is a For Lease sign in Sweet Jesus on ClarenceĒ


2019 Apr 26
La Noodle at George and Cumberland is closed for renovations and the tables and chairs appear to be absent. Hope to see them open up again!

2019 Apr 26
Nacho Cartel (looking for new spot) (

2019 Apr 28
Nosh in the Glebe (which took over the Pomeroy House last summer, I believe) seems to be closed. Door locked up last night (saturday)..may be renovating but no note or anything. Also, mail sitting on door handle. Bad sign. It's too bad as the food was really good

2019 May 1
Oh So Good on Richmond Rd is closed. There is a for lease sign in the window. nothing to indicate on their website or their door that they have moved.

Not sure if their other location is still open.

2019 May 3
Dreamland Cafe (Laurier Ave) closed. To open in its place Manhattan Cafe 2.

2019 May 5
Oh so Good in Westboro ( I don't know about the market location.

2019 May 9
If you are looking for some "diner-type food", try the civic hospital cafeteria.
Until 10am they have a breakfast with hash browns they cook on a flat top grill and they are made with potato and onion and some kind of spices and they just keep on cooking them until they are crisp.
I think it is around $2.50 for just a side of hash browns and portion is quite big.

-there is a all day breakfast, but no hash browns after 10am.
-the breakfast sandwich they make is good too.

At lunch they have made from scratch pizza and there is always a whole wheat vegetarian kind.

At lunch there is also some kind of asian stir fry dish every day and they have some kind of fish dish and chicken all the time.

Cafeteria is open weekdays till 6pm and closed weekends.

2019 May 14
Are you seriously suggesting people go visit a hospital cafeteria as a dining destination??
My god.

2019 May 14
Did you seriously just create an account to say that?
My god.

2019 May 14
LOL my grandfather in law is in the Perley and have breakfast there with him every once and a while... the food not bad... and cheap.

2019 May 14
I see nothing wrong with reviewing the Civic Hospital's cafeteria. If you have not had occasion to spend time in there while someone is a patient there, count yourself lucky. If you have, or will be, it is good to know the food there is good. That review sure beats a lot of the inane posts I have seen on other topics.

2019 May 14
Not going to bother commenting any further - I see both sides here - but just wondered how the posting ended up under the forum topic "Restaurants Closing - 2019" - just sayin ...

2019 May 14
Flexie, you have a point.

2019 May 14
Yes not sure how it ended up here in this thread but when I saw that review I was dead set and determined to go check it out. Which is more than I can say for 99% of the reviews on here. I think folks need to go check the FAQ again.

On a similar note the little tuck shop cafeteria in the former Corel building at 1600 Carling is one I've been meaning to mention for quite some time - some pretty fantastic lunches coming out of there on a regular basic for reasonable prices. Primarily Asian food - if you are unlucky you'll show up your first time on hamburger day which is maybe once every 2nd week. Aside from that it is all really fantastic Asian food, all the time.

2019 May 16
Big Easy's on Preston is closed but will re-open as the Rose Bowl in the next few weeks..

2019 May 16
I always appreciated the classic vibe of the Carling location, even through redecorations and rebrandings, had some excellent meals there and was sad to see it close. Hope they bring that same atmosphere to Little Italy, I think it's a good fit.

2019 May 17
My favorite rendition of the Rose Bowl was back in the late 70's when they were the Rose Bowl Cavern on Carling, the interior was like a cave complete with pillars, my introduction to escargot was in that restaurant!

I wish them well & I hope they have a long & successful business on Preston...

2019 May 25
Looks like Coriander Thai is closed. There is no notice of any reno.

2019 May 30
Taqueria Kukulkan is closed :-(

2019 May 30

For me the location made it a rare visit, but i'll miss Kulkulkan.

2019 May 30
Maybe it just wasn't a good idea to name a restaurant after a Mayan god that presided over human sacrifices. Did they have hearts and livers on the menu? Asking for a friend.

It's like when Mazda came out with the family sedan named the Cronos. Cronos was an ancient god famed for eating children. I just shrieked when I saw the end of the ad and all the kids piling into the back.

Think. Research. Think again. Then, ask me.

2019 May 31
I dunno, i always thought the low chanting and curiously wet red altar outside the kitchen made for a fun dining environment. And the tongue tacos were excellent even if the cuts were smaller than the usual.

...hey, waitasec...

2019 Jun 2
Alice is opening on Adeline St. Major renos have been going on, but their Instagram posts make it seem it is getting close.
Vegetable focused 8 course tasting menu restaurant by Chef Briana Kim

2019 Jun 2
Looks like Sutherandís on Beechwood is closed. Used to got there regularly, and the food was good, but the FOH was always disorganized.

2019 Jun 3
Sutherland claims that it is just closed for a couple of weeks (for renos?).

From the Facebook site :

You may have already heard, but we are currently C L O S E D❕
We have got a lot of changes happening behind the scenes. However, at our return, you will still find our lovely staff, awesome management, delicious food and exuberant cocktails remaining. We are just taking some time to settle into bigger and better things.
But, we know you guys really want to hang out with us (and we want to hang out with you too!) 💛 So, we are working hard to make this break of ours as short ⏱ as possible.

2019 Jun 3
I heard that Sutherland was in the process of being sold and when all is said and done , they will reopen with the same chef.

2019 Jun 6
f*Ck looks like Sutherland's financing plans fell through

2019 Jun 6
It appears that Gelatini Gelato on Preston is closed. They usually open in April or May, but still nothing yet this year. No social media posts since last July. Zero store activity as well when walking by.

2019 Jun 29
Rideau Bakery!!!! (

2019 Jun 30
I am very very sad to hear about Rideau Bakery closing. Between their closure and the Sausage Kitchen closing a few years ago there will be nowhere left in Ottawa to eat :(

2019 Jul 2
Coriander Thai (

2019 Jul 2
"Rideau Bakery... Sausage Kitchen... nowhere left in Ottawa to eat"

Been in Ottawa lately?

2019 Jul 2
Asian Alley (

2019 Jul 3
The Bowl is closing July 10th, 3 PM.

2019 Jul 4
James Street Pub

2019 Jul 4, that was like this ugly immortal institution everyone had to drink at at least once. Not surprised it's going, the location is too tempting for development, but even so, it's hard to picture that intersection with anything else.

...even if almost 'anything else' can only be an improvement...

2019 Jul 4
I've been going to James St to watch soccer for years, the soccer regulars were like a second group of friends randomly put together.

Food was never special but never terrible either, service was great, nice patio, I'm really going to miss this place when it shuts down.

Osolomeal, James St is owned by the Heart and Crown people who also own the property and a construction company, last I heard they were going to keep the right to reopen on the ground floor if it was feasible, but I am not sure what they intend to build.

2019 Jul 5
Moxie's at Bayshore (

2019 Jul 28
Monkey Joe's on Carling is gone...38 years..

Best of luck to Jack, Angie & the staff,,

2019 Jul 29
Monkey Joe's sits right in the footprint of the proposed building for Phase 1 of Westgate, knew it was only a matter of time before they closed. I imagine they will be breaking ground within the year.

2019 Aug 9
Hooley's on Elgin has closed.

2019 Aug 9
Heard one of the Hooley's owners on CBC this morning talking about how the Elgin Rd construction killed them.

2019 Aug 12
Pure Gelato in the Glebe has closed. 5th Ave Court location.

2019 Aug 13
Mango's Shawarma on St Laurent at Donald seems to be closed. Something calls Double 7 Grill or Grill 77 is going in.

2019 Aug 14
Shekarchi Express is now closed. Owner is a very nice guy. Tough location. Good luck on your next venture.

2019 Aug 16
Arrow and Loon is closing at the end of August, I guess this is old news.

Article mentions they might look for a new location.

2019 Aug 16
Oh no :(
It's a fine neighbourhood pub I love going to.

2019 Aug 16
Bowman's is only a block away and superior IMO. Worth checking them out if you haven't already.

2019 Aug 16
NOTE: I heard all tenants of Fifth Avenue Court will have to close by end of August. (Von's, Ichiban Bakery, Sushi88, etc. etc) They're demolishing Fifth Avenue Court. BTW, Irene's is far better those around there... IMO.

2019 Aug 16
G-Lo? It's nowhere near Bowman's. Bowman's is on Carling. Arrow and Loon is in the Glebe.

EDIT: oh jeez, when did the Bowman's on bank open? I grew up in the Glebe and never knew it was there.

2019 Aug 17
Bowmanís took over Rosieís on Bank Street around November 2018.

2019 Aug 19
Von's, Ichiban Bakery, and Sushi88 are not closing. Just Arrow and Loon is.

2019 Aug 19
I think everything at Fifth court is one its way out - as previously posted its being demolished for condo's. I guess they could protect the stuff at the front, but I'd be surprised...

2019 Aug 19
Apparently the retail strip actually on Bank will stay.

Under plans submitted to the city and now up for public comment, the commercial strip along Bank Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues (home to Vonís restaurant at one end and Pure Gelato at the other) stays intact but everything behind it goes.

2019 Aug 20
Pure Gelato at Bank and Fifth is now closed.

2019 Aug 20
Confundo Confringo and Ted83: If you don't mind me clarifying, the Sushi 88 that I know of is on Somerset near Bronson. Are you referring to a different sushi restaurant by the Fifth Avenue Court? Thanks in advance.

2019 Aug 20
Sushi Shop.

2019 Aug 21
Thanks for clarifying G-Lo!

2019 Sep 5
Pure Gelato on Elgin Street is closing. That's it for Pure Gelato.

2019 Sep 6
Yeah, well ... it's on Elgin. No matter what Mayor Jimbo says, everything on Elgin is a disaster.
"Come on by and help to support local business."
I'd love to, but it is impossible to make your way on the street and extremely difficult to find parking or a bus that might come even close to where you might want to go.
If you're an ice cream shop that hasn't made their money during the summer, you're going to go under.

2019 Sep 6
AGreed. If they wanted (read: gave a crap about trying) to salvage Elgin, they should have done the work in halves or some other version that preserved access. Not my area of expertise, there are probably solid reasons why it goes the way it does, but i doubt that comforts the business owners.

2019 Sep 8
Does anyone know what happened to the Soup Guy Cafe in the Glebe? I was in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and there was a sign on the door saying "Closed for renovations" but when I was in the area yesterday there was a Mexican place in that space. I loved the Soup Guy Cafe...

2019 Sep 8
Yeah, I saw that too after the redblacks game last night. I think the location at world exchange is still open?

2019 Sep 8
Apparently Beer Brothers on Dalhousie is closed...

2019 Sep 9
Surprised about Beer Brothers closing... They seemed quite steady whenever I walked by. I did notice this weekend that their patio was completely removed and they had their blinds shut. I found that very odd. That explains it now...

That said, there's definitely been a lot of restaurant closings in the Byward Market recently i.e. Sweet Jesus, Wasabi, Asian Alley, Beer Brothers, Le Mien, Vittoria Trattoria. The latter two being more temporary forced closings due to the unfortunate fire.

2019 Sep 9
Glebe Soup Guy, hearsay has it that was only ever a temporary or 'test' location. So yah, taco place there now. Hope it's better than the last few taco efforts around there.

Beer Brothers... did NOT see that coming. It always seemed busy.

2019 Sep 9
I wondered about Brothers Beer Bistro only because Steve Mitton left there and went to Shore Club.

2019 Sep 10
Brothers said theyíre having a cash-only restaurant gear garage sale this Saturday.

2019 Sep 11
James C. I haven't been into the World Exchange Plaza lately but I sure hope the Soup Guy resto is still there. I will be so sad if it is closed...

OSoloMeal I didn't realize the Glebe resto was a test place. I would often stop in on my way to the Redblacks games or movies at the Mayfair. A warm bowl of soup for supper during the winter months really hit the spot.

2019 Sep 11
On another note James Street Pub is having a closing party this Saturday. If anyone would like to go before their doors close for good more details are here:

2019 Sep 11
ďTest placeĒ is great spin for a location that just didnít pan out.

2019 Sep 12
"The newest in a long line of ventures, Really Horrible Food didn't do very well. It's a mystery."
It was a test place in so many ways.


2019 Sep 12
Re Soup Guy Test Place... keeping in mind my hearsay qualifier, it was a short term lease from the start, to see if people would go outside of the World Exchange food court counter. Not a major investment in lease, equipment, etc. Suspect if they did massive dollars there the story would be different.

2019 Sep 13
I heard the problem with Really Horrible, is that the product did not accurately reflect the name. Truth in advertising, and all that.

2019 Sep 20
Centrale Bergham at College Square is closed for good. Hand written sign in the door says so. Looks like non-payment of rent.

2019 Sep 22
The "Just Add Milk" cereal bar on Bank closed at the end of August, as that location was apparently a summertime popup. They expect to reopen at a new location sometime in October.

Maybe a good opportunity to try a new culinary skill like Just Open Chef Boyardee? 😝

2019 Sep 22
Wow, we finally found some gentrified dumb hipster BS even the Glebe won't do.

2019 Sep 23
Their mistake was not calling it
'Just Add Small-Batch Locally-Produced Organic Bio-friendly Gluten-Free Cruelty-Free Dairy-Free Artisinal Milk'.

2019 Sep 23
Sounds like the Waverley East/Dunn's Express in Orleans is closed - For Lease sign up in the window. No tears shed over that one, quality was good when they first opened but went way downhill in a very short period of time. Our last charcuterie plate there was definitely deli meat from the Sobey's next door...

2019 Sep 23
I guess this means Ottawa is not ready for an artisanal toast bistro. . . . . .

2019 Sep 24
Speaking of artisanal toast, a friend with Portuguese roots visited Art-Is-In bakery a few years ago and was horrified to discover that they would not to sell him a slice of bread with a little butter. Quite reasonably, he had heard the bread was very good and he wanted to experience it without purchasing an entire loaf.

On a visit earlier this year I saw that they were offering bread/toast by the slice. Nice to see progress on the art-is-inal toast front!

2019 Sep 25
I can relate. A friend of mine visiting from Iceland, and had heard that McDonalds fries were really good, but was horrified to discover that they would not sell him three fries with a little ketchup.

2019 Sep 26
A second Score Pizza opening up in the city. This time on Bank Street (in the Glebe).

2019 Sep 26
Ah, JUST what the Glebe was missing.

2019 Sep 26
Breakfast is getting really confusing. I can get my toast at Art-Is-In now, then I have to travel to Oat Couture to get my bowl of oatmeal ... what we need now is a place that just serves soft-boiled eggs. Hit the Bridgehead for my coffee and I'm ready to sit down in a carefully manicured animal-slave free park and eat.

I'd suggest a store that only serves bacon, but that would work just about anywhere.

2019 Sep 27
Want artisinal small batch organic bio-neutral cruelty-free bacon cafes EVERYWHERE WHEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!!

2019 Sep 29
Patty Bolands is closing. RIP

2019 Oct 3
Cucina Barone - I'm not sure when it happened, but their mookies and sandwiches will be missed.

2019 Oct 4
Beerocracy pub is closing on Sunday

2019 Oct 8
Not a restaurant, but Glebe Emporium is closing for good on November 3. They are liquidating everything right now.