Gumbo filé powder [Cooking]

Jan 5
Help! Looking for gumbo filé powder in Ottawa area
Any advice?
Called several places including Chilly Chiles - no luck

Jan 6
Amazon sells it.

Jan 7
Thanks Tree Pug. I thought I would try locally first.

Jan 7
I think Grace In The Kitchen (Hazeldean Rd) might have it. My wife purchased some from there about a year ago.

I believe she asked for file powder and dried sassafras powder is what they gave her. At least, that is what was indicated on the spice bottle. Supposedly, they are the same thing.

Jan 8
Grace in the Kitchen and Kitchenalia both have carried it - call ahead to make sure.

Jan 19
Thanks folks. Kitchenalia can order it & have it in a +-week.

Feb 5
pelican fishery should have it, or if you know someone at a restaurant you could ask if they would sell you spices-some places do that.

I know a bakery I go to they have sold me ingredients before, but it is a sweets bakery,