Bors Magic [Cooking]

Dec 7

I am attempting to make a Romanian ciorba and the recipe calls for Bors magic.
Has anyone seen this? If so where could I find it?


Dec 8
What is it?

Dec 10
Yah ... What is it ?

Dec 10
Maybe I should check Google ?

Dec 10
Oh ... Here it is ?

Dec 10
From Google which led me to this Wicked-Pee-Dee-Ah entry:

"Borș (bran)

Borş a Romanian and Moldovan national dish
Borș[1] is a liquid ingredient used in Romanian and Moldovan cuisine to make traditional sour soup called also borș or ciorbă. This ingredient consists of wheat or barley bran, sometimes sugar beet, fermented in water[1] - a slightly yellowish, sour liquid, which can also be drunk as such. "

Dec 10
Gawd I just luv how the Googler and that Wicked thingy has all the answers.

I just asked my two Romanian cleaning ladies and they say Continental in the market carries it.

I have never used this but you can buy liquid Bors at Lavergne western beef if you are in the east end. It's in the refrigerator. SO is romanian and uses it in ciorba.