Dec 5
The Oven Brothers team is looking for a talented individual for a contract! We are growing but we'd like to grow a lot faster. Your talent will be used to create and execute a marketing plan that will incorporate a social media strategy, traditional marketing and innovative approaches to marketing our products.

The perfect candidate should have extensive experience in product marketing and experience using social media as marketing tools.


You deliver the goods and we deliver to the oven (you get an 'Original Bro' oven in exchange for your services). Details will be discussed upon a handshake!! If you believe in the PIZZA REVOLUTION and you want to take part in it, here is your chance to shine and get a slice of the action.

Send us a quick blurb about you and your proposal and lets connect.



Dec 6
Can a Big Green Egg be used as a pizza oven ?

Dec 6
Are you planning on compensating this individual with nothing but a pizza oven?

Maybe I'm not understanding the request but isn't creating and executing a marketing plan a few months of work and you want pay them ~$2K by way of pizza oven?

If you intend on paying actual money on top of that oven I suggest you make that considerably more clear in your ad. If that is really all the compensation you're offering, well good luck! I'm not sure there are many people that want to spend months on a marketing plan for a week or two worth of pay (that can't even be used for rent or groceries).

Dec 6
I suspect there are ample social media marketing 'experts' with time on their hands that someone will go for this. Plus the marketer gets an actual campaign to their credit/resume. That and a pizza oven (could resell) doesn't suck when otherwise the day mostly consists of checking igram and twit feeds for 'likes' and trying to pass as an 'influencer'.


Dec 6
Drats, this FREE PIZZA OVEN isn't free at all!

Dec 6
Mama taught me there's no such thing as a free pizza oven.